​​​​​​​Presented by Active Southland   |   12 - 20 March 2022

Like any organisation running events in the current climate, we’ve had to take a pretty close look at our events and try our best to come up with some innovative ways that we can help our community stay active.  

We are thrilled that we’ve been able to do that with our annual Surf to City.  

The awesome thing about this new version is that you can do it any time, in any format you like, between March 12 and March 20. Got some friends you like to walk with? Go for it. Want to just do part of it? No problem. Want to do half one day, and half another day? Knock yourself out. It’s all about you doing it your way. And it’s free! 

How will it work?

We’ve kept the 12km, 6km, and 3km distances, and as usual, you can run, walk, or bike any of those options. We’ve introduced a second 3km course to give people more options, and we’ve also moved the 3km course on to the walking/bike track, to keep everyone off the roads in town. 

Check out our interactive maps below for the north and south finish areas and the start of the Rothbury 3km.